Your properties rainwater drainage system (gutters and downpipes) are an essential part of your homes weather proofing system.

Gutters are channels or small troughs put around the edge of roofs in order to collect rain water. These troughs then dispose the gathered rain water to a downpipe where it is eventually deposited into a drain.

Gutters are generally made of simple half-piping that are positioned just underneath the edges of your roof to allow the water to easily collect as it runs off your roof.

As it is an open pipe, one of the main problems with guttering is that they can become blocked by leaves and other debris which if left blocked, can cause major problems to your home.

When a gutter becomes blocked the water builds up and overflows from the gutter, damaging bricks and mortar on your outside walls. It can also seep through the bricks causing damage to your household furnishings and paintwork.

One other common problem caused by the build up of leaves and rubbish in a gutter is that it can often provide a home for windblown seeds to lay root, meaning that weeds start to grow naturally in your gutter. This also leads to a blockage and the additional weight can put a strain on the gutter brackets leading to expensive repairs.

Alba Gutter Services use a revolutionary high reach gutter vacuum system which brings huge time and cost savings to conventional techniques as well as significant health and safety benefits.

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